Brand Identity & Online Experiences

The assignment: Seamlessly create a brand targeting both the US Hispanic and Anglo markets with a bicultural brand identity, and activate an online presence accomplishing the same. Double the target, twice the challenge. 


At the core of building communications to this bifurcated customer base was the need to develop an identity that balances the expression across digital and traditional environments, with the demands of readability of both audiences. A symbol was adopted which provides a versatile identity capable of promoting the brand essence and tone-of voice, viscerally. A sunrise was articulated — a universally recognized icon emoting a feeling of optimism, produced by the promise of a new day.

We are recognized as a 2021 Top Small Business Branding Agency, Global : DesignRush


As a newcomer to the world of advertising, I was apprehensive when looking for an agency for my new business. Other agencies made us feel like we weren’t a priority, but Bill Wosar and the 6th Borough Agency were profoundly different. He had given us his undivided attention and made us feel like branding our company successfully was his prime concern. Bill’s knowledge and experience, as well as his passion and the pride he takes in his work, left us incredibly happy and we cannot recommend Bill enough.


Steven Hernandez


Miami, FL