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Mobile Campaign

This is where the rubber meets the road... where the consumer touches the brand. The most powerful tool of our time, harnessed skillfully, can turn the masses into faithful patrons. How your brand engages in this media can create traction quicker than any other.

Enter a South Florida institution that has been serving up the perfect stone crab, as well as first date, for generations. We’re helping to welcome them into the 21st century by activating a digital campaign to better align the brand with the sensibilities of today’s dating community. By connecting a user’s preferred dating app profile to ours, additional line items will populate their personal preferences from which to make cuisine choices off the menu. Providing an opportunity to match with a gastronomically desirable partner, in addition to the available geographic and demographic settings.  

We are recognized as a 2023 : Top Branding Agency in Miami (Link)

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The algorithm you can really sink your teeth into.

iPhone Miami Ad Agency 6th Borough.png

Check back on this page soon, as we’re currently in production. 

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