Brand Identity & Online Experiences

We were called on to activate a new brand with a complete corporate identification program, from tone of voice, to the final online experience. The result has put the brand at the forefront of a new space in the social media ecosystem. 


A bold logotype was paired with a contemporary color palette providing for a versatile identity influencing every touchpoint, from environmental design to mobile phone interactions. The tagline “Through The Eyes Of A Star” was implemented to position the narrative at 180 degrees from the expected, and addresses our value proposition: to have come face-to-face, and have a one-on-one conversation with an idol can be a transformative experience which can uncover unexpected potential one can carry into the future.

  We are recognized as a : Best Digital Marketing Companies In Miami


“As a serial entrepreneur, I have founded three online companies in the last 12 years and Bill worked closely with us on each of them in conceiving and developing the corporate logos, color pallets, and advertising campaigns. He is terrific at design but, his greatest strength in my view, is his ability to work with his clients in a highly collaborative manner without any pride of ownership issues. Such a combination of skills are rare in my experience and therefore I highly recommend Bill Wosar (6th Borough Agency).” 


Ron Andruff 

President & CEO 

New York, NY

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